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All-into-One FLASH Mixer

AiO FLASH Mixer is a Flash design tool to integrate any SWF and picture files into single SWF file. It is very easy to use, just drag and drop FLASHs to add them. FLASH Mixer can join Flash, create funny Flash, redesign existing Flash and so on.
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screenshot of All-into-One FLASH Mixer

Program Specs

Date Added: Dec-15-2005
File Size: 4,876 KBytes
Version: 3.5
Type: Shareware
Languages: English ChineseSimplified French Spanish Turkish
OS Support: Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP Unix
Requirements: 14M diskspace

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All-into-One FLASH Mixer is a Flash design tool to integrate multi SWF and picture files into a single SWF file. The way to use AiO FLASH Mixer is easy: drag your FLASH and drop it to the workspace. Thus, a FLASH is added, you can do the same steps to add more FLASHs. You can change, scaling, rotating and switching the depth of added FLASH. "What you see is what you get" makes you work better and simplier. The saved FLASH is the same as it displays on the workspace. Besides setting the size and the speed of FLASHs, you can add a picture as the background. It includes a FLASH Text creator and picture editor, you can crop, scale and rotate the picture more easily.
In order to create a fantastic FLASH quickly, we offer a series free FLASH ClipArts, you need drag the ClipArts into the workspace only. Just imagine make your photo as the background of the FLASH, and add an act mustache, hat and a running car, everyone would applaud your work.

Key Features:
All-into-One: You can add dynamic pictures, SWFs, text and link into your new Flash.
Exceed WYSIWYG: "What you see is what you get" means the displayed of all the FLASH in the workspace is the same as you saved, and it is dynamic. There is no such a tool as this.
Prominent Compatibility: The FLASH Mixer can add more of FLASHs, so you can add any FLASH you get, You can add the FLASH which would not be add by other tools.
Support Background: Add a picture as your background, and add some cliparts, it will be a spotlight.
Background Music: Music will make your FLASH more interesting. Add suitable music to your work now.
Export SWF file format: The exported file can be SWF file format. It can be added to the FLASH Mixer again. You can run it on any computer.

V3.0 Supports add dynamic pictures; Embedded Flash Text Editor; Export screensaver; Cached SWF thumbnail list; Self defined folder of ClipArts; Print Flash; Auto detect updates and so on.
V3.5 Print card tool; More tools for Flash.
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